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Hi there, I'm selling cloned credit cards with PIN code, ready for using at ATM The cards are mostly VISA and MasterCard they work worldwide. Cards are discreetly mailed worldwide using priority mail. We are the only with english attention.

Our Prices

1 card with $1000 guaranteed and up to $1500 - 0.20 BTC
1 card with $1500 guaranteed and up to $2000 - 0.30 BTC
1 card with $2000 guaranteed and up to $3000 - 0.40 BTC
1 card with $3000 guaranteed and up to $4000 - 0.50 BTC
1 card with $4000 guaranteed and up to $5000 - 0.60 BTC

All our Goods are 100% Verified
I will give a great deal on orders of more than 1 card

About Us

We are a small dedicated team of hackers, we operate botnets and install card readers at atms to get credit card details. We sell the most demanded products on the deepweb, we have specialized and have over 6 years experience in this field.

We sell cards from the USA and from the EU.

We not make all the withdraws for ourselves for the risk.

All the cards come with PINs and instructions. You can use them at any ATM worldwide.
If you want your name embossed on the card let us know



How do I order?

To fully understand what our customer needs, we process all the orders by e-mail

To place an order, just send us an e-mail containing the following:

1 - The type of card you need (VISA or MasterCard)

2 - How many cards you need

3 - The name you want embossed on the card/s (optional)

You can Contact Us at 1Acards@sigaint.org



The opinion of our clients is our best recommendation

kurupt_81 , says:
I trusted this site as soon as i saw it.
Sent 0.3 BTC and then they delivered as promised.
Life is gooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!

berumenx , says:
Today I've received the cards. So far, I've used the cards to withdraw $500 with each card and they worked like any other credit card.Tomorrow I will withdraw another $500 but so far, everything seems to be working. Just take some precautions, and don't go to your next door ATM.

winter_night , says:
It took 4 days to France and the cards worked, I got � bills no problem

sakuragui , says:
Well it seems you guys are one of the legit vendors here.
If not the only one. Thanks bro. Really Really grateful